Our Dream

From our earliest inception in 2013, for the inaugural City of Culture celebrations, we had a dream of using Japanese art forms as forces for good and hope in Northern Ireland.

Since those early days, we have realised those dreams and now deliver a high-quality, cross-community programme of activities to experience and learn practical skills in taiko drumming, dance, manga art, origami, Japanese cooking, haiku poetry and Japanese language among others.

We empower our participants by giving them tools in confidence building, team-work, communication and community building. We challenge racism and tokenism in the arts and beyond. We create opportunities for the Japanese community to be included in the local cultural calendar and to share their traditions. We contribute to the improved mental and physical health of our participants and audiences by sharing our passion and love for what we do.

Our unique community festival creates a shared space for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and experience something very special.

Every piece of work we create is imbued with the values of our organisation.

Kindness   –   Passion   –   Inspiration   –   Integrity   –   Hope   –   Quality