Go Fund Me

Foyle O-Bon Festival Director and all round powerhouse Fiona Umetsu is raising money through GoFundMe buy materials to build the much needed storage for the festival. If you are able to support us follow the link by clicking here.

Here’s what she has to say about the fundraising…

“I am raising funds to help Foyle O-Bon, a charity organisation based in Derry-Londonderry, to continue the work they do bringing the taikolove, the dance love, the bon odori love, the manga love and the general LOVE into our community. (Please see website to learn more about their work Foyle O-Bon )

They will be moving their ‘stuff’ into a new storage container kindly funded by ACNI Equipment fund over the next few weeks…and boy do they have a LOT of ‘stuff’…

All funds raised will go towards helping this charity organisation settle all those beautiful festival props, costumes, drums, stands, lights, lanterns big and small into their new home. The storage container is amazing, but it is an empty shell and needs insulated and made watertight. They will need to buy wood, to build shelves, they will need to buy big large see-through storage boxes, they will need to find a home for large dragons and godzilla, they will finally get those 100+ lanterns out of the bath tub.  They will be able to continue to look after their hard-earned and lovingly created festival gear all in the one safe and dry place!

Your support will enable them to create a sustainable home for this beautiful community festival and will allow them to continue doing what they do best – working with everyone in the community to share their joy and happiness and skills! Any donation is welcome, big or small, and will be MOST appreciated by all of us who work with this great wee charity. Thank you so much!! Domo arigatou gozaimasu!!”

Help us get the bathtub back!