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Foyle O-Bon is a charitable, not for profit, organisation. We are supported by a range of statutory organisations as well as Trusts and Foundations. We are thankful for all that we receive but in the current financial climate, all arts organisations are facing uncertain futures.

We offer a year round series of workshops to all sections of the community and share the Taikolove as widely as we can. We create a magical ‘Little Tokyo’ in the Playtrail every year where everyone can come along and enjoy an evening of music, fun, food and family. We are passionate about the ability of Taiko and Japanese arts to build stronger, happier communities.

We welcome donations, however small, which can be donated through our Paypal account here

We are also actively seeking businesses who would like to sponsor our work, be that some workshops or some part of the festival. Please get in touch with our director, Fiona Umetsu, at to discuss this opportunity further!

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our recent GoFundMe campaign to purchase and build shelving for our new storage container!

Check out the photos of our shiny  container here